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This is Metoda Consultants

Metoda Consultants is a Swedish consultancy company, founded in 1982.

We are a network consultancy company. Sofia Lisiderius Gustavii, CEO, is a member of the Swedish Author´s Association and also a member of EMCC Sweden, www.emcc-sweden. (European Mentoring & Coaching Council).

Our specialties are qualified consultancy service when you need to improve your business culture, to engage in developing managers or teams in order to meet business aims. We can assist you with improving the efficiency of your organization and make new visions and plans for the future to meet changing environmental and customer needs.

Among our clients you will find leading Swedish companies, developing companies within the Scandinavian countries, universities as well as organizations within the civil service sector and authorities working with regional development.

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The creator of Metoda, Lena Borjeson, has written several books and tools on management topics and creative development. Some of her books have been published abroad, translated into Catalan, Norwegian and English. She also publishes the Metoda Newsletter. Pending is translation to German, in the Spring 2007. Since the summer of 2010 Sofia Lisiderius Gustavii and Fredrik Lindquist are running the Metoda business.

Lena Borjeson also wrote novels. 
Some of Metoda´s publications for managers are:
- Att leda ett projekt (How to Manage Projects)
- Konsten att misslyckas med projekt (How to Fail a Project)
- Inspirera varandra (How to Motivate People)
- Kvinnligt ledarskap (Female Management)
- Metoda lagspel (A Tool-box for team-building). 

We work as partners and both of us have long experiense in our proffessions.   

Metoda publishers

Besides working as consultants with OD, HRD and Quality systems
we also publish books and tools for management and teams. Our products are chosen by our customers for ”flexibility, goal-orientation and for being fun to read and work with”.
Some of our books have got honorary awards. They are used by managers, facilitators, coaches for management training and for promoting change in a creative and inspiring way.
Among our publications you will find:
  • Strategies for coaching others
  • Communication for coaches, toolbox
  • Metoda teambuilding toolbox
  • How to flop a project, mini pocket
  • About you – a personal development program.
Some of our toolboxes are avaiable also on CD, for PC and Macintosh computers.

For more information contact Ms Sofia Lisiderius Gustavii personally on
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